China Communications Services Corporation Limited ("The Company") is a leading service provider in the PRC that provides integrated support services in the informatization sector. The Group offers telecommunications infrastructure services covering planning, consulting, design, engineering construction and project supervision; business process outsourcing services covering maintenance, distribution of telecommunications services and products, and facilities management; applications, content and other services covering system integration services and Internet services etc.

Telecommunications Infrastructure Services

We can provide comprehensive network construction services including communications network consultation, planning, design, engineering, construction and supervision. In the area of network construction service, the Company has always been leading in the market. The Company has won various prominent awards for its services in design and consultation, engineering, construction and supervision from national ministries and provincial authorities.

Business Process Outsourcing Services

The Company is the major service provider for business process outsourcing services in China's communications industry. The Company can provide customers with all-round quality outsourcing services including network maintenance, distributions services and facility management services.

Applications, Contents and Others

As one of the ICT service providers in China, the Company can provide our customers with a series of software development services, system integration services, Internet value-added services, voice VAS services and other services.


Through our first-class innovations and applications, we can provide total solution of ICT technology and related services for our customers. Our professional IT application services can provide system integration, communications network support services and hardware and software development services for telecommunications operators, government, corporate and other customers. The scope of services includes businesses like BOSS support system development and services, video surveillance operations, information security services and electronic payment.

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